Analytic Box

The Orbbec Persee is the world’s first camera-computer. This versatile, low-cost device can plug into your TV/monitor, or it can run without a display and you can interact with it entirely through the built-in Astra Pro 3D camera. Its ability to see, hear, and understand makes it much smarter than a regular computer. And its powerful built-in ARM processor makes it much more useful than single-use devices.

Persee is your bonus brain. It’s always there for you—connecting the dots, anticipating your needs, and keeping your digital life running smoothly.

A box for installation inside the business, in front of the entrances, or the various departments, that includes a quality camera that connects to any existing screen with an HDMI connection and transmits data to the smart ads system to activate a subscription on the customer’s screen or as analytics without a screen

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