About Us

A software system that provides monthly service to ecommerce stores and warehouses.
The system is made up of cameras located in the packing area. Sometimes even 3 cameras for one complete picture.
The system starts recording video from the moment the delivery note is opened and stops recording as soon as the order is closed and printed.
The file is embedded under the shipping code bar within the management system on the customer’s card.
The files are backed up on our secure servers and a direct link to the file is sent to management software.
When there is a reorder for several reasons.
1. Lies about package contents.
2. Return products that were not in order. And demand a refund of the transaction.
3. Claim for a broken product.
And a few more reasons…
When such an order is returned. It is marked on the shipping bar code and the system starts recording the package opening for comparison with the outgoing shipping video.
In this way it is possible to prove to the credit companies and companies like eBay why there is no need to return the transaction money back to the customer and prove the claim of the selling business.
The system is provided for a monthly fee.
And it is necessary to buy a kit of cameras with installation on the packaging area in the business double some areas there are.
The camera system requires a stable broadband connection to the network. As a condition for running the system from our servers.
The system is provided with a training and management interface for the personal area on the part of the customer for maximum control.
There is also customer service 6 days a week in automatic fault response to direct chat with a human service representative.